Us Open to Nuclear Agreement with Russia before Including China

The United States has been in talks with Russia regarding the extension of the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START), which constrains nuclear arsenals. President Biden has indicated a willingness to extend the treaty for another five years, and Russia has expressed interest in doing so as well. However, the announcement by the US that it is open to negotiating a nuclear agreement with Russia before including China has generated controversy.

China is rapidly growing its nuclear arsenal, and it is not bound by any existing nuclear arms control agreements. In light of this, some experts argue that the US should not limit its negotiations to Russia alone. They argue that given China`s increasing military capabilities, it makes sense to bring them into the fold and negotiate a three-way agreement that covers all three countries.

Others argue that the US should focus on extending New START with Russia as soon as possible and then negotiate with China separately. They believe that trying to include China in the first round of negotiations could complicate matters and lead to delays or even the collapse of the treaty.

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